Story so Far

After surviving a goblin ambush while escorting an wagon full of goods, our misfit party has followed the Goblin Trail into a Goblin Hideout. After killing every creature inside the party has rescued an half orc named Kunus. Unfortunately, during the blood-fest the warrior escort Sidar Hallwinter bled out on the cavern floor after Aust was unable to negotiate for his life. Now our party is left with a new member and their wagon full of supplies waiting to be taken to town. The party arrived in town and quickly sold their goods to the trader at Barthen's provisions and collected their payment for delivering the wagon. With out knowledge of Gundrens whereabouts the party retired to the Inn for a night of drinking. In the morning the party confronted the red cloak gang over at the sleeping giant. A fight broke out quickly and blood was spilled on both sides. At the end of the battle our heroes chased the lone survivor from the Red Cloaks back to their the gangs presumed hideout. The party has entered into the bottom basement of this abandoned mansion and start to explore. Ianus casted the red cloak's apperance onto himself as a disguise and entered the first room. Inside was the escaped Red Cloak with two of his friends. Ianus quickly convinced them to follow him back outside the room where the rest of the party quickly slaughtered the red cloaks. After the quick skirmish the party searched the room and found a red ruby hidden under the fountain. They proceeded into another room and Kunus saw the pit trap in the middle of the room. The party went around it and they approached another door.


jacobstorek jacobstorek

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